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The development status quo and future development trend of domestic automatic foam sealing machine

Automatic foam sealing machine has a wide influence in the industrial industry, in the industrial production, many places need to use dispensing, such as integrated circuit, semiconductor packaging, printed circuit board, color LCD screen, electronic components (such as relays, speakers), electronic components, auto parts and so on.Spot tate process in more and more industrial production, the requirements are more and more strict.Traditional dispensing is operated by workers. With the rapid development of automation technology, manual dispensing has been far from meeting the industrial needs and is gradually replaced by automatic dispensing machine.In the degree of automation, automatic dispensing machine can realize three-axis linkage, intelligent work, can realize some manual dispensing can not be completed process, greatly improve the production efficiency, improve the quality of products.The demand for dispensing equipment is also more extensive and diversified.A variety of dispensing machine, dispensing machine, dispensing machine, dispensing machine, automatic dispensing machine appear in the market, forming the trend of a hundred schools of thought contend.So how is the development of the dispensing machine and the future development prospects?


At present, the development of China's dispensing industry is that the single-component dispensing technology is relatively mature, and began to move to the direction of automation and high precision.

Two-component dispensing technology is located in the exploration stage, which is the development direction of the dispensing industry.In the field of ordinary single group dispensing machine, the current domestic technology has been very mature, the technical threshold is relatively low, many small manufacturers have flooded into the market, the market competition is very fierce, the product quality is uneven, the price gap is also relatively large.This leads to the current domestic many low price low quality glue machine generally not high accuracy, glue is not stable phenomenon.Therefore, at present, some technology research and development dispensing machine manufacturers represented by Jiawei are developing to the direction of high precision and intelligence. When the market competition is fierce, only quality and service can make themselves stand out.

In the field of automatic dispensing machine, the domestic three-axis platform, circular dispensing machine and so on have many years of development history, and can basically achieve high accuracy.However, for the two-component dispensing equipment, it is still far from mature, and there is still a big gap between the technology and the international standards, and the product quality also needs to be further improved.With the increasingly widespread use of AB glue, the requirements of irrigation glue and other processes will be higher. Double liquid dispensing machine is another very potential development field in the dispensing machine industry.

Second, the future prospects of domestic dispensing machine

 With China's economic development speed faster and faster, the transformation of the development situation and the pace of infrastructure construction, domestic dispensing machinery technology level, gradually become an important support of national industrial industry, automatic dispensing machine industry market scale gradually expanded, by 2017 has reached 52.22 billion yuan in 2017.The market size of China's automatic dispensing machine industry will maintain rapid growth, and is expected to grow to about 158.968 billion yuan by 2024.

From the perspective of demand, the consumer electronics industry in recent years, the demand for automatic dispensing machine is further growth, automatic foam sealing machine sales from 3074 in 2013 to 42207 in 2017, a compound growth rate of 92.49%, the rapid growth of sales reflects the domestic demand for automatic dispensing machine huge space.From the perspective of supply, with the increasing investment in the scientific research of automatic dispensing machine in China and the continuous accumulation of intellectual property rights and core technology of automatic dispensing machine, China's automatic dispensing machine has gradually replaced the semi-automatic dispensing machine and become the main product of the dispensing machine industry.In 2017, the output of automatic dispensing machines in China reached 45,878 units, basically meeting the domestic demand for automatic dispensing machines.

In the current domestic market, with the improvement of automatic dispensing technology, the domestic demand for dispensing process is also more and more large, and in the accuracy of dispensing, is also more and more strict.Getdis dispensing machine manufacturers learned that in the traditional dispensing process, are relying on manual dispensing operation, but in recent years, the rapid development of domestic automatic dispensing technology, whether the industrial demand and enterprise efficiency, manual dispensing has been difficult to meet the needs of enterprises.Gradually, in the dispensing industry, the traditional manual dispensing has been gradually replaced by automatic dispensing equipment, gradually increasing the supply of automatic dispensing equipment, from 3,342 units in 2013 to 45,878 units in 2017, with a compound growth rate of 92.5%.With independent intellectual property rights and core technology, automatic dispensing machine in home appliances, mobile phones / computers, automotive electronics, water purification equipment manufacturing, in electromagnetic shielding, waterproof sealing, LED sealing and solar new energy fields gained more and more demand, throughout the manufacturing industry in recent years for automatic dispensing machine demand, increasing demand of automatic foam sealing machine industry will further increase.