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Sealing Foam Glue Double

The formula has been successfully researched for many years.

Lead your electrical cabinet to achieve the best tightness, IP66/67. The A-component determines the chemical and physical properties of the sealing foam. The B-component initiates the chemical reaction and influences above all the reaction speed.

1.Mixing time: is the time period in which the A and B components are mixed.

2.Reaction time:A and B reacting time(about 15-60seconds later).

3.Rise time: is the time period in which the glue foam system expands to form the seal body(about 15-180s later).

4.Tack-free time:gasket is  able to be assembled (about 20 minutes-12hours later)

5.Assembly time: is the time point after which glue foaming systems can bear loads or the sealed components can be assembled(after approx. 20minuts-12hours*).

Application products of Two-component polyurethane:  Electrical Control Panels, Electrical Distribution Boards, Electrical Enclosures, Anti-explosion box, explosion proof shell,domestic applianc,electrical apparatus element,cable connector,Auto fittings mountings, air filter,Locks shell, Purification room door, Refrigerator door, Transformer protect cover, Street lighting, Water-proof cabinet, Automobile mountings, the Automobile battery cover, Automobile inner door handle, Water-proof cabinet, Waterproof box, Transparent box, Air cleaning filter, ABS Enclosure Junction Box, ventilation cover, LED lighting, Percolator filter, plastic cabinet, Plastic water-proof box,  Lamp cover, Explosion-proof light, Outdoor Lights, Street lighting, Stadium lighting, Brake lights, LED luminaire, Lighting fitting, Transformer protect cover, Plastic water-proof box