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Advantages of using automatic foam sealing machine for cabinet sealing

Sheet metal cabinet industry has high requirements for sealing performance, such as power distribution cabinet, control cabinet, electrical cabinet, switch cabinet and a series of sheet metal cabinet door panels to ensure good sealing.This is because the interior space of the cabinet is clean, dry and away from moisture and dust to make the internal components work well.

In the process of cabinet sealing, some traditional enterprises still use manual sealant strips, and there are also many cabinet manufacturers with high requirements for product quality began to use polyurethane foam dispensing equipment to complete the sealing, so what are the advantages of using dispensing equipment to complete the cabinet sealing?

Cabinet sealing dispensing equipment has three characteristics:

1, can realize automatic dispensing.2. The graphics is adjustable. Each dispensing equipment has a standard range of dispensing size, within this range of the various types of cabinets can be used.3. You can use the hand manipulator to control it, which is convenient and safe.


The characteristics of three aspects make the cabinet sealing dispensing equipment has the unique advantages of manual strip can not be beyond: 1, dispensing precision, fast and stable, foam strip does not fall off, beautiful, good elasticity, no joint.2. The protection level can reach IP67. 3. Do not waste raw materials and reduce production costs.4. The dispensing process can replace manpower with machinery. Working for a long time, a worker can complete the operation and save labor costs.

Use automatic dispensing machine not only can improve efficiency, save costs, but also reached the manual dispensing cannot complete process, with dispensing machine field sealing cabinet door, gradually began to become the standard of cabinets, kaiwei electric dispensing machine is suitable for a variety of industries, has many domestic cabinet production enterprises to provide professional sealing solutions, save more manpower and time cost for the enterprise.

According to the conventional 15mm wide rubber strip 1m long rubber strip weight is 25 grams, the price of domestic raw material is 35 yuan / kg, the raw material cost of 1m is 1m * 25g * 35 yuan / kg / 1000=0.875 yuan / m.In the IP protection level test, the protection level of the foam sealing body or other sealing products can reach IP67 or even higher (IP68, the first digital dust-proof level, the second digital waterproof), which can achieve the ideal effect.KAIWEI HT-3xx and HT-4xx dispensing foaming equipment standard configuration for 6-axis full servo control (Panasonic servo), while using 2-mode oblique bar power drive, can meet 7 * 12h continuous operation, even on the assembly line is fearless.