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The solution that the (U axis) mixing bar cannot be rotated in the automatic coating machine

The reasons why the (U axis) mixing rod cannot rotate and the specific solutions.The following aspects are Shanghai Kaiwei based on long-term coating experience, summarized several lead to mixing mixer


Unable to rotate properly reason:

1. The 220V power supply of the U-axis mixing motor is not turned on

2. The line of the U-axis mixing motor is damaged or loose

3. The mixing rod or bearing is stuck 4, U-axis servo driver 16,21,24 alarm

Specific solutions:

1. The 220V power switch of the U-axis mixing motor

2. Check the line of the U-axis mixing motor, and plug in the front and rear power supply ports of the U-axis mixing motor

3. Check whether the mixing room is clean and whether the bearing bearing is damaged and needs to be replaced

4. Turn off the power supply and restart the machine