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How to solve the problem of glue machine valve leakage?

Shanghai Kaiwei summarizes the following problems for the problems that often occur when using the glue valve and has effective solutions: 1. The 95% reason for the glue valve drop is that the needle diameter used is too small. The too small needle will also affect the exhaust bubble action when the glue valve is used. This problem can be solved as long as the larger needle can be replaced.Use a conical inclined needle, the liquid flow smoothly.The air in the liquid will leak after the glue valve is closed. It is good to exclude the air in the liquid in advance or use the glue that is not easy to contain bubbles or deflate the glue by centrifugation before use.

2. When the glue out is inconsistent, it is mainly caused by the unstable pressure cylinder or pressure of the storage fluid. The intake pressure regulating gauge should be set at 10 to 15Mpa lower than the lower pressure in the plant.The pressure used by the pressure cylinder should be above the middle of the pressure gauge, the pressure should be avoided between the low pressure gauge, the glue valve control pressure should be at least 60Mpa to ensure the glue stability. The glue time should be checked later. If less than 15 / 1000 seconds, the glue out will be unstable, and the longer the glue out time is, the more stable the glue is.

3. If the flow rate is too slow or too slow, change the line from 1 / 4 "to 3 / 8". If it is not necessary, the shorter the better.

4. The bubble solution in the fluid is to reduce the fluid pressure and use a cone-shaped inclined needle.