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Kaiwei polyurethane curing agent AB two-component dispensing machine

Industrial sealing is a very important link in the industrial production process, especially for large industrial enterprises, they have requirements for lean production and production efficiency. How to maintain the high quality of product sealing in the rapid production process requires the use of AB double-component dispensing machine.

Polyether polyol and curing agent is more commonly used in industrial sealing dot glue raw material, AB double component glue machine is designed to solve the epoxy sealing strip, polyurethane seal strip double component glue, multi-component fluid automatic mixing and quantitative glue research and development of dot glue machine, large amount, fast production speed, mixing glue effect is good.

Shanghai Kaiwei Intelligent Technology (Group) Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Kaiwei"), founded in 2004, located in the international financial center of Shanghai, is a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales and after-sales service.Existing core business: robot foaming equipment, factory explosion-proof electrical series, electrical automation system and integration, German process electrical cabinet system column, machine tool cantilever series, etc.The company has strong technical strength, production line and testing equipment, sales network, perfect logistics guarantee system, rapid response of pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, for many enterprises to provide reliable electrical products and electrical control system solutions.Polyurethane field foam machine and chassis cabinet PU sealing rubber machine are the main products of Kaiwei Electric. In view of the requirements of large enterprises for AB double component dispensing, Kaiwei has newly developed and launched KW-520 (standard version) automatic rubber coating machine.


The product adopts 3-axis mechanical arm, three-axis linkage;KW-900 dual component mixing head (1-4g / s); equipped with automatic coating control system developed by kaiwei; adopts high pressure water injection cleaning + high pressure air injection drying.Suitable for easy or adhesive or sticky liquid glue.

The gelatinized operating system independently developed by Kaiwei is equipped with 15-inch industrial touch screen and wireless keyboard and mouse. Use six axis motion control card; System have glue path simulation function, mixing head in plastic case, not complete glue path according to the drawing Can also be in the actual coating JiaoGong before, check whether the glue path is accurate, and the error correction system using three axes linkage control, can be used in surface coating (such as square, round, and various special-shaped graphics), also can undertake three-dimensional glue The control system has an automatic fault alarm function, and in the occurrence of failure will prompt the method of removing the fault; Graphics import function, in the processing trajectory is complicated import CAD DXF file can be processed directly, without having to edit code, reduce the operating personnel request system has three gear, adjust the standby automatically adjust status to state machine can be set parameters, standby for machine keep microcirculation, automatic state for the device has reached the state of workpiece processing The quantitative feeding mixing system of kW-520 (standard version) automatic glue coating machine includes the mixing head of the dynamic mixing system KW-900 metering pump reducer pipeline, using the sensor pneumatic and vibration film principle to control the precision feeding and circulating standby state; Modular lightweight structure design; Designed with high-strength aluminum and stainless steel, the structure is unusually strong; Multistage component injection can be carried out directly; The system sets and controls the rotation speed of the mixing bar. The mixing bar adopts special design to make the raw material mix more evenly. Using high pressure pinhole jet valve injection cleaning water; Drying mixing head with blast type pinhole jet valve; Nozzle locking function controlled by directional movement of mixing shaft; The feed valve can choose water heating and water circulation and other functions of the frame including three-axis steel structure welding mechanical arm gear rack guide servo motor reducer drag chain frame base The machine in the high-speed operation of the machine itself structure and technical requirements are very high, the advantage of using steel structure welding is that its high strength can cope with the stability of high-speed operation of the machine to play a guarantee role; In addition, using rack and pinion helical gear transmission can improve the stability and accuracy of three axis operation and reduce the noise