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Kaiwei 6-axis robot dispensing machine brings new ideas for car sealing

In the process of production and assembly of cars, door sealing is a very important process. Whether the sealing of the door reaches the standard is directly related to the dust prevention, noise insulation, waterproof and other functions in the car. Once problems occur, it will affect the quality of the vehicle, and it may directly bring safety risks in driving.


What kind of dispensing sealing equipment it chooses is needed to ensure both product quality and production efficiency, which has gradually become one of the problems that the automobile industry enterprises need to pay attention to.At present, more and more automobile manufacturing enterprises in China began to choose the automatic foam sealing machine to complete the sealing work.Automatic sealing dispensing machine can realize automatic foaming dispensing, high protection level, dispensing, fast, dispensing quality stability, beautiful, dispensing process to replace manpower, can effectively reduce production and labor costs, to achieve the effect of lean production.Among them, the 6-axis robot glue dispensing machine independently developed by Kaiwei brings new ideas for the glue dispensing sealing in the automobile industry.

Shanghai Kaiwei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of polyurethane automatic foam sealing machine manufacturer, can produce a variety of models and specifications of sealing dispensing machine, Kaiwei 6 axis robot dispensing machine workstation the entire automation line by Kawasaki robot RS007N and two straight line rail before and after the transportation work piece.


Among them, the robot arm of Kawasaki robot RS007L general robot has the advantages of super-high speed operation, wide working range, high torque, programming flexibility and environmental protection.Compared with other R series products, its whole machine is lighter, the arm structure is further optimized, the speed improvement, the movement range is larger, but also has dust proof, waterproof performance, the production efficiency can be about 50% higher than the old manipulator.Equipped with F control cabinet, also has more light, energy-saving advantages.

The design of two linear slides is very flexible. A spraying beat can only take 18s, and only one manual station, which effectively reduces the labor cost and greatly improves the production efficiency.

Compared with Kaiwei gantry dispensing machine, mechanical arm dispensing machine can not only meet the needs of various points, lines, faces, circles and other three-dimensional graphics dispensing, but also can realize all kinds of heterogeneous dispensing, dispensing trajectory is more complex.Improve the product quality and production, reduce the production cost, can be widely used in a variety of point coating occasions.