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Let’s explore the secret of Kaiwei dispensing machine sold to the world 1000+ !

The intelligent age has not only changed people's clothing, food, housing and transportation, but also changed people's way of life.Take the production industry dispensing equipment, from the original ordinary dispensing equipment to the development of the automatic dispensing machine, its emergence is conducive to the development of enterprises, improve production efficiency.And at present, the dispensing equipment factory on the market for Kaiwei automatic sealing dispensing equipment, welcomed by the market.Now let's explore the secret behind Kaiwei automatic foaming machine!


 Kaiwei automatic polyurethane dispensing machine adopts servo control system, features:

1, sealing glue machine has intelligent control system, can be customized in Chinese, English and other languages, work piece size, drawing files and technical parameters can be stored in the system, can be directly called when used;

2. Use six-axis motion control card and glue coating control system independently developed by Kaiwei;

3. The system has the function of gluing path simulation: the mixing head can complete the gluing path according to the drawing without spouting glue.It is used to check whether the gluing path is accurate and correct the error before the actual gluing parts.


4, the system control adopts three axis linkage, can be used for flat gluing (such as square, round and various special-shaped graphics), can also be three-dimensional gluing;

5, graphics import function, directly import CAD DXF file can be processed when the processing track is complicated;No need to edit code procedures, reduce operating personnel requirements.