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Kaiwei new trade festival promotion, with products and the world dialogue


In China, March is the beginning of spring, when the spring flowers open, sunny, small bridge water, blue waves, willow in the spring wind swing, the shadow in the warm sun whirling. There is an old saying in China: Spring is the key to a good year. In the spring, the Chinese are used to carrying out a whole year’s plan. In these plans, some people make steady progress, devote oneself to continue to develop peripheral market, some people are full of vitality, cast one’s eyes on the whole country. Others, however, are full of ambition, relying on powerful technology and products, as well as a wealth of industry experience, will step into the world.



 March 1 to March 31,2022, Alibaba new trade festival was officially held, tens of thousands of leading enterprises in the industry in this event to the world in a big play. Shanghai Kaiwei Intelligent Technology (Group) Co. , Ltd. , focusing on R & D and production of fully automatic intelligent glue spreading machine for more than 10 years, with a strong productivity, experienced technical team, now has been firmly in the forefront of the domestic industry, stands for the height of the homemade gelatinize machine. All along, Kaiwei group and the world market close contact, the production of gelatinize machine sold at home and abroad, whether in Europe and the United States or Southeast Asia, have Kaiwei group important customer groups. Our gelatinizer, gelatinize a wide range of high accuracy, simple operation, high efficiency, low maintenance costs, a wide range of applications, combined with the continuous upgrading of technology, customized for different customers, the achievement of Kaiwei group all series of fully automatic intelligent gelatinize machine success. The new trade festival, Kaiwei group early preparation, willing to use good faith full of products, services and preferences, and the world dialogue.