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Process and equipment requirements for polyurethane PU foam sealing strip

Polyurethane PU foam sealing strip is AB double-component adhesive, through the precision dispensing foam molding process, pouring in the product needs the glue, to achieve water-proof, dust-proof, fire prevention and other effects.With the continuous development of economy, polyurethane PU foam sealing strip in national defense, chemical, coal, metallurgy, transportation and machinery manufacturing industry is more and more widely used, it can prevent leakage, oil, waterproof, vibration reduction and voice prevention, that is, sealing and flame retardant and other roles.Polyurethane PU foam sealing strip glue after curing without joint gap, sealing effect and comprehensive performance are higher than the current rubber sealing materials commonly used in China.


Firstly, polyurethane PU foam sealing strip has many advantages over the traditional sealing ring: 1, save the mold cost: directly on the surface of the product, do not consider the appearance size of the product.2. Energy consumption saving: can be carried out at room temperature, when the chemical reaction without heating, can save energy consumption.3. Save labor cost: directly glue on the surface of the product, without manual paste, and high efficiency. The sealant is completely solidified within a few minutes after foaming, and can soon enter the next process.4. Strong adhesion: directly bonded to the surface of the product, forming a strong adhesion relay.5. Good sealing effect: there is no joint gap after the glue is cured, and the sealing effect and comprehensive performance are higher than the rubber sealing strip commonly used in China.6. Low product cost: the volume after foaming is 2-3 times of the original volume, and the cost is lower compared with the traditional sealing ring.

Secondly, polyurethane PU foam seal strip main application field.

1. Electrical and electronic box box sealing: In order to make the electric control cabinet and electronic box box have good dust prevention and moisture penetration function, the electric control box cabinet, door panel and panel are currently poured into a sealing gasket.2. Seal of lighting fixtures: sealing gaskets for industrial indoor lamps, furniture, outdoor lamps and lamp coats for road lighting.3. Seal of containers and packaging parts: lip lip gasket of mass-produced containers.4. Sealing pad for household appliances: cooker surface plate, back and internal panels, vacuum cleaner filter and other household appliances components should also be sealed on the site processing of gaskets.5. Sealers for auto parts, such as body, foot pedal and steering wheel brackets, fire metal panels and other panels for separating the rudder and engine, glass Windows, frames for heating (ventilation) crossings, plastic covers for taillights and headlights, sealing gaskets for air conditioning devices and internal door panels, etc.6. Filter sealing rings: such as filters for automotive industry oil and air conditioning devices, residential or commercial air conditioning devices, cold storage and clean treasure industrial filters, etc.

Thirdly, Polyurethane PU foam sealing strip equipment requirements

Accurate measurement: there are two main requirements, The accuracy error shall be controlled within 1% of ±. (1) the ratio accuracy, To ensure that the polyurethane PU foam seal strip foam is uniform, The mixing ratio of A and B glue shall remain basically unchanged throughout the pouring process, That is, the instantaneous ratio and the average ratio are basically the same; (2) the output accuracy, Since the operation is to pour the proposed foam into the plane or groove, If the total amount of vomiting per unit time will cause a change in the volume or thickness of the seal strip, resulting in defective products or waste products; 2, even mixing: two-component sealing strip foam is evenly mixed in the pouring head before pouring into a qualified polyurethane PU foam seal strip, To ensure the consistency of the whole sealing strip (when cutting the seal strip, The bubble hole of the cross section should be uniform).3. Constant temperature control: raw material temperature directly affects the glue fluidity and reaction speed, so ensuring the raw material temperature is the necessary condition for the polyurethane PU foam seal and the yield rate; 4. Precise positioning: According to the size and thickness of the pouring product, the lateral direction, longitudinal and arc direction, thickness and physical properties can meet the requirements.

Forthly, Kaiwei advantages in PU foaming sealing industry

1. With a professional team, founded in 2004, located in Shanghai, kaiwei is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research and development, production, sales and after-sales service.Existing core business: robot foaming equipment, factory explosion-proof electrical series, electrical automation system and integration, German process electrical cabinet system column, machine tool cantilever series, etc.Company adhere to the "technology as the guide, talent as the fundamental, quality as life, on the basis of reputation" enterprise tenet, with synchronous global professional production line and testing equipment, sales network, perfect logistics system, rapid pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, provides many enterprises with reliable electrical products and electrical control system solutions.

 2. Product technology: kaiwei developed KW-520 (standard version) automatic coating machine with 3-axis mechanical arm, three-axis linkage; KW-900 double component mixing head, constant mixing head (1-4g / s); automatic coating control system independently developed by kaiwei ; high pressure water jet cleaning + high pressure air jet drying.Suitable for polymerization reaction sealing, adhesive and pouring processing process for easily flowing or sticky liquid glue.3. Perfect after-sales service system.In 2018, kaiwei and ——, China, an industrial Internet platform with global service capabilities, help kaiwei click glue machine on the cloud, provide services for global customers at any time, let the equipment into the wings of the industrial Internet, no matter when and where the global equipment status can be perceived, open the future of industrial seal!