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Kaiwei Group - high efficiency solution to automotive filter sealing effect solution

Dear boss: Do you still worry about measuring and weighing before every dispensing? Are you still concerned about crystallization at the end of dispensing disassembly valve maintenance? Are you still worried about the inaccurate amount of glue due to the weather? Are you still worried about drawing import every time you operate?


Kaiwei automatic sealing foam equipment to solve these problem for you! A technology from Germany foam coating equipment -- Kaiwei automatic foam coating machine. KW-900 pump mixing head for Shanghai Kaiwei Intelligent Technology (Group) Co., LTD completely independent research and development. Has the following advantages:

1, Directly modify the system parameters, without removing A, B feeding valve proportional measurement and weighing;

2, Glue is not controlled by pressure

3, easy to operate, new people start in 30 minutes, simplify the operation steps;

4, no need for consistency glue requirements;

5, do not need to square, three-sided graphics drawing

6, no professional operation, reduce the workload of workers; Improve work efficiency.

 7, simple maintenance, reduce the maintenance cost of mixing head.