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Large stroke Automatic Foam Sealing Machine for which industries?

    With the development of science and technology, Automatic Foam Sealing Machine Developed to be flexible, can adapt to the production of many products of equipment, and overcome many defects of dispensing machine before, including high procurement cost, not easy to install, high maintenance costs, complex equipment structure, complex operation and other problems.


Kaiwei Automatic Foam Sealing Machine  continuous optimization can bring more benefits and Advantage to enterprises, enterprises to improve the production process, improve the production efficiency of the ideal choice. At present, Automatic Foam Sealing Machine  plays an important role in food, daily chemicals, medicine and other fields, but various industries have different needs for dispensing stroke, large stroke dispensing machine is suitable for those industries?


Large stroke dispensing machine can achieve three-dimensional, four-dimensional path dispensing, can be in the product surface, outer wall, vertical plane, gap, spherical surface for quick dotting, drawing lines, drawing circles and all kinds of irregular graphics. Positioning, accurate glue control, no wire drawing, no glue leakage, no glue drop. In fact, in addition to locks, micro electronic products and other industries, most industries using large stroke dispensing machine can improve production efficiency and product quality.

Kaiwei dispensing machine can be up to 2500 mm ×1500 mm ×300 mm

In addition to dispensing precision, automatic large stroke dispensing machine has the following advantages:

1, directly modify the system parameters, without removing A, B feeding valve proportional measurement and weighing;

2, do not use air pressure glue;

3, easy to operate, new people start in 30 minutes, simplify the operation steps;

4, no need for consistency glue requirements;

5, do not need to square, three-sided graphics drawing

6, no professional operation, reduce the workload of workers; Improve work efficiency.

7, simple maintenance, reduce the maintenance cost of mixing head.