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The efficiency of gluing machine is analyzed

Nowadays, it is no longer a new thing for machines to replace human labor. But it is worth mentioning that KAIWEI automatic gluing machine has high working efficiency. Generally, it can process 6-10 meters gasket per minute (the speed can be adjusted according to different products).

If with our NEW pump type mixing head (KW900), the accuracy and production efficiency will be greatly improved! (See the picture as below)

KW-900 (1)

In addition, this KW900 mixing head, controlled by metering pumps, is much easier to maintain and operate. It takes only 30 minutes for a new worker to operate our machine (even the elder sister can cope with it well).

And it no need to be dismantled every time. With fewer spare parts to be replaced, its working performance is very stable. These advantages attract a lot of domestic and foreign customers, and KAIWEI machine successfully get high praise from most customers. 

KW-900 (2)