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Preparation and precautions of dispensing machine operators

Shanghai Kaiwei gives some suggestions and some necessary matters needing attention to the operators of the dispensing machine, hoping that by paying attention to these matters, it can better prolong the service life of the dispensing equipment.

1. Operators shall undergo systematic training and master the operation rules and key points of the dispensing equipment;

2. The dispensing equipment needs regular maintenance and maintenance;

 3. The equipment body and the working table should be placed smoothly (the foot screws can adjust the equipment level);

4. The machinery should be placed in a well-ventilated place to avoid excessive dust to maintain the air circulation. The room should be kept dry to prevent electric shock in the control cabinet;

5. Regularly check whether the mechanical parts are abnormal;

6. Check whether the cleaning water pump button is opened before working;

7. All mechanical transmission parts (rack, guide rails, etc.) should be installed with lubricating oil, 8. The total air teeth of the equipment should be kept above 6bar pressure;

9. Raw material tank pressure: A 1.5bar, B 1bar;

10. Need to turn on the equipment to keep the equipment in the standby state without contacting the production;

11. The outlet filter of A raw material tank shall be removed and cleaned regularly; B raw material tank filter rotates the knob every day to eliminate waste material once a week;

12. All parts of the mixed gun head should not be used with blades (metal objects) to scrape the surface of the parts, and need to be soaked with cleaning agent.