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Summer maintenance tips of Automatic Foam Sealing Machine

Hot summer with hot and rainy, long time high temperature operation, the performance of the dispensing machine, heat dissipation have produced great challenges.In order to ensure that the dispensing machine can normally and maintain efficient operation in summer and not interrupt production due to failure, special daily maintenance of the dispensing machine is needed.

First of all, before entering the summer, we should do a full range of nursing examination of the machine in time.Ensure that each system, especially the cooling system is perfect without fault, check the circuit, plug, hose, etc., to prevent any oil leakage and other dangerous hidden dangers.Secondly, choose the oil suitable for summer.In the high temperature environment, the oil is easy to deteriorate, when the oil produces deterioration phenomenon, it will directly affect its lubrication performance, resulting in the aggravation of machine wear, so that the metal structure of the parts change, causing hidden dangers.

Third, pay attention to dust prevention and clean up the dust accumulation.Use high pressure air gun to clean the dust in the distribution cabinet and keep it clean.Dust accumulation is a big killer of electronic components, light causes poor heat dissipation, the system work is not stable, heavy moisture after the insulation deterioration, directly burn out the electronic circuit.

Fourth, many summer thunderstorms, pay attention to the power supply lightning protection.Thunderstorm weather, try to turn off the machine, turn off the power supply, and fundamentally solve the possibility of lightning strike.If it is not convenient to stop, if possible, you can do a good job of protection on the power side, pretend to surge absorber, reactor, etc., do a good job of grounding protection.

Fifth, high-temperature electrical power to do a good job of heat dissipation.In the process of working, the circuit generally has more than 10℃ degrees of temperature rise, high temperature weather distribution cabinet temperature can reach more than 60℃, the service life of electronic components, to do a good job of air convection or strong cold air.The above is kaiwei electric about the glue dispensing machine summer maintenance knowledge introduction, I hope to help you.