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Daily maintenance of troubleshooting solutions for Kaiwei Automatic Foam Sealing Machine

Kaiwei intelligent sealing foaming machine can realize automatic foaming dispensing, high protection level, dispensing precision, fast, stable quality, beautiful, dispensing process with machinery instead of manpower, can effectively reduce production and labor costs, to achieve the effect of lean production.However, in the process of use, users will occasionally have some sealing defects, the following are the top ten common problems and solutions provided by Kaiwei technicians:


Problem 1, open the oil pump oil pressure is not up.

Solution: 1. Check whether the gun head cylinder and other oil lines have oil leakage, replace the cylinder sealing ring or piston ring, and tighten the pipe head.2. Check whether the overflow valve is blocked by dirt and clean the overflow valve.3. Check whether the oil pump is worn and replace the oil pump seriously.4. Check whether the pressure relief valve is leaking and replace the pressure relief valve.

Problem two, intelligent sealing foaming machine foaming machine normal work, the pressure relief valve above the air package suddenly a large number of exhaust.

Solution: 1, the pressure valve is broken check and replace the pressure valve.2. The slurry in the mixing bucket is too thick, which causes the pressure pressure to stop to dilute the slurry.


Problem 3, when the foaming machine works normally, the liquid out of the outlet suddenly ickens or thinner and contains air.

Solution: 1. The slurry level in the mixing bucket is too low, the pump enters the air, reverse the air and adds the material to the mixing bucket.2. Check the foaming fluid in the supply bucket and adjust the foaming fluid.3. Too low pressure check whether the air line can leak air and whether the pressure relief valve can be broken and repaired.4. The bushing is too worn and greatly changed for a new bushing.

 Problem 4. The air switch or hot relay trip in the electric box in the operation of the foaming machine.

Solution: 1, the motor or the electric box connector loose check and tighten the wire connector.2. If the slurry is too thick, the mixer will dilute the slurry and reset the "red" button on the hot relay.3. Check the reason for the low voltage, and advance the voltage to the regular value.

 Problem 5, the automatic dispensing machine flow speed is too slow.

Solution: 1, the pipeline should be changed from 1 / 4 "to 3 / 8", if the pipeline is not needed, the pipeline should be shorter and better.2. Change out of the glue mouth and air pressure, so as to completely accelerate the flow speed.

Problem 6. There are air bubbles in the fluid.Solution: too large fluid pressure if added with too short valve opening time may penetrate the air into the liquid.The solution is to reduce the fluid pressure and use a conical diagonal needle.

 Problem 7, Epoxy resin (expoxy) cleaning.

Solution: If possible, automatically wash every Shift with the storage pressure cylinder of general toluene solvent, the more often, the better.

Problem 8, automatic dispensing machine glue valve drip leakage.

Solution: 1. This situation often happens after the glue valve is closed.Ninety-five percent of this is because the needle used is too small.Too small a needle can affect the flow of the liquid and cause back pressure, resulting in the formation of dripping soon after the glue valve is closed.Too small needle will also affect the glue valve exhaust bubble action when the beginning of use, as long as replace the larger needle can solve this problem.The cone-inclined needle produces less back pressure and the fluid flows smoothly.The glue inconsistency is mainly caused by the unstable pressure cylinder or air pressure of storing fluid.The intake pressure regulating gauge shall be set at 10 to 15psi lower than the lower plant pressure. The pressure used by the pressure cylinder shall avoid the pressure between the middle and low pressure part of the pressure gauge.Rubber valve control pressure shall be at least 60psi to ensure glue stability.Later, the glue time should be checked. If it is less than 15 / 1000 seconds, the glue time will be unstable, and the longer the glue time is, the more stable the glue is.

Problem 9, instant glue (fast drying glue) in the glue valve joint and pipeline blockage solution: this situation is mainly due to excessive moisture or reused instant glue.The line shall be thoroughly cleaned with free Aceton acetone with fresh instant glue, the air used shall be thoroughly dry and fitted between plant air pressure and glue valve system.