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What links can Kaiwei Automatic Foam Sealing Machine be applied to the automotive industry?

With the improvement of living standards, most people pay more and more attention to the accuracy and quality of products, which is also the reason why high-precision dispensing machine equipment has been welcomed in the market in recent years, and it also plays an essential role in the automobile industry.In the process of car assembly, sealing is a very important process, and need to seal process of auto parts, any part is not sealed, will affect the quality of the vehicle, serious and may lead to water and dust, affect the electrical components work, directly bring safety hidden trouble.

Most of the traditional automobile production is the welding and riveting process. With the development of industrialization, the dispensing machine technology also greatly meets the requirements of the automobile production process, because it can realize the bonding between different materials, thus improving the production efficiency of the automobile.Kaiwei Automatic Foam Sealing Machine can be widely used in the automotive industry central control electronic components dispensing, sensitive sensor dispensing and automotive engine box surface bonding.For example, car hood, door lock, speakers, refueling mouth, lights, rain screen, engine, chassis assembly with adhesive, sealant, gearbox, its main application is reflected in a variety of plane bonding, hole cover pipe joint sealing and bolt locking, sealing, fixed, moisture-proof, dust-proof.Kaiwei automatic foam sealing machine uses imported pressure plate pump and pressure regulator with advanced glue valve system, can ensure the consistency and stability of rubber.

Kaiwei 6-axis robot dispensing machine point, can ensure the convenience of the combination of the station, with high stability, mechanical arm dispensing machine can not only meet the needs of various points, lines, surfaces, circles and other three-dimensional graphics dispensing, but also can realize all kinds of heterogeneous dispensing, dispensing track is more complex.Improve the product quality and production, reduce the production cost, can be widely used in a variety of point coating occasions.In addition, the Kaiwei Automatic Foam Sealing Machine has the characteristics of ratio, quantitative vomiting, can reduce the heavy labor work, and high work efficiency, not only improves the quality of products, but also reduces the cost of labor and raw material.At present, Kaiwei has provided large domestic automobile manufacturers with a dispensing machine specially used for automobile speakers. The whole dispensing process is fast and efficient, all at one go, and has been highly praised by customers.Kaiwei Automatic Foam Sealing Machine is suitable for a variety of industrial fields, has provided professional sealing solutions for many domestic automobile manufacturers, saving more manpower and time costs for enterprises.