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Can Kaiwei automatic sealing foaming equipment be used for isolation door sealing?

During the production of isolation door products, certain components and modules remain sealed after assembly.In the past, many manufacturers have used the process of hand-paste sealing gasket, and the actual effect is very limited.Therefore, in more and more high-grade factories in isolation doors, we have begun to create a closed production environment that can block all kinds of particulate matter, dust, wet water vapor, harmful gases and substances.This requires a precise and reliable sealing product to solve the above problems and provide a high-quality production environment.


Kaiwei automatic sealing dispensing machine can realize automatic foaming dispensing glue sealing, high protection level, dispensing precision, fast, dispensing glue quality is stable and beautiful, dispensing process to replace manpower with machinery, can effectively reduce production and labor costs, and achieve the effect of lean production.


the cabinet or other sealing products using the foam sealing strip can achieve IP67 or even higher, which can achieve the ideal results under  the IP protection level test.