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Analysis of the development trend of the Automatic Foam Sealing Machine in 2022

Automatic Foam Sealing Machine is an embodiment of maintaining industrial automation in China and entering the intelligent manufacturing system 2025. Not long ago, the automatic foam sealing machine  has not been promoted by many applications.However, it can be predicted that the next two years will be the stride promotion stage of the automatic glue dispensing machine. Why so, Shanghai Jiawei, the manufacturer of the automatic glue dispensing machine, will help you explain the reasons for this.

Some sheet metal enterprises make too thin profits, and the orders are unstable, so they are worried about buying automatic foam sealing machine , or just use simple manual stickers, which limits the promotion and marketing use of automatic dispensing machine.In recent years, with the rise of labor costs, the dot glue process has a special smell, it is difficult to clean, and fewer people are willing to do it.This leads to enterprises have to change their thinking, improve the process, purchase automatic dispensing machine equipment to deal with this situation.


At present, in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Hebei, Shanghai, Guangdong and other industrial cities, the demand for fully automatic glue dispensing machine is far greater than that in other cities. In addition to the developed economy, business owners have a more long-term view.Thus, the demand for other industrial cities will gradually rise in the next few years.Success has always been to the prepared people, automation is an inevitable requirement, who is in the forefront of The Times, who is the beneficiaries of the future

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