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Auto Foam Sealing Machine

520C 520C 520C 混合头 52033C.187
520C 520C 520C 混合头 52033C.187

Vehicle Specifications

Equipment No
Gasket width
6-30 mm
Operating controller
Effective working range
2300x1250x200 mm (X*Y*Z)
Raw Material
PU (component A+B)
Equipment Overall Space
4000X3300X2300 mm(L*W*H)


Effective gluing stroke is 2300 * 1250 * 200mm. It adopts an integrated welding frame. Operation interface uses an integrated console which can rotate 0-90 °, no need to remove the electrical wire in the transportation and commissioning. The standard machine is equipped with a wireless handheld controller which makes the operation easier. The raw material tanks adopt an integrated design, no need to dismantle the pipe and wire in the transportation and commissioning, so as to avoid glue leakage and polluting the equipment and environment. The max. speed of plane processing is 12m / min.