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KAIWEI PU Foam Gasket Machine Calibration

1.After ensuring that kaiwei machine is powered on normally, the devices in the machine are running normally,the pipes are connected correctly, and the workbench is fixed well.


KW- 520C 


2.We need to calibrate the raw material A & B. First, it’s very important to make component A stir evenly. Kaiwei machine can process with high accuracy, because it’s output of glue is controlled by metering pumps instead of air pressure. (As shown below)

Generally, some other brands machine are controlled by air pressure, which will cause some problems such as uneven dispensing or dispensing dripping. That will affect the appearance of finished gasket or reduce to quality of sealed products. However, these problems will be well avoided with Kaiwei machine.



3.Secondly, the choice of nozzle tube of the machine is also very important!

So how to choose the right nozzle tube? When gluing, the diameter of the nozzle tube should be according to the width of gasket you need. Different sizes of products need to use suitable size nozzle tube, which is conducive to the dispensing operation of the machine. There won’t have glue drip, glue leakage and other problems.


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