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Which is the best automatic dispensing machine ?

With the coming of industry 4.0, more and more enterprises choose automatic dispensing machine instead of manual production, saving production costs, reducing labor costs and improving product competitiveness...


With the coming of industry 4.0, more and more enterprises choose automatic foam sealing machine instead of manual production, saving production costs, reducing labor costs and improving product competitiveness. In the past, many customers first thought was to purchase automatic foam sealing machine abroad. The impression of domestic brands is backward technology and low efficiency. As time goes by, the technology of domestic automatic dispenser has reached a higher level. With the increasingly mature technology of domestic automatic foam sealing machine, people no longer ask "Which brand of the dispenser is better,domestic brands or foreign brand?" , but will ask another question, that is, "which is the best automatic foam sealing machine in China?"


At present, there are many China automatic foam sealing machine manufacturers, but how to choose a reliable manufacturer has become a problem for many enterprises. The brand of automatic foam sealing machine is directly related to the user's own interests. So it is very important to choose the right brand. KAIWEI will discuss with you which China is worth purchasing and how to choose a right supplier.

1Choose the brand

Mature brands refer to those enterprises that have developed for a certain period of time in the industry, with a certain production scale, a relatively sound production control and management system, a reasonable product series, a relatively perfect sales and service system, a high product and customer awareness. The more users there are, the more stable and reliable the products are. Shanghai Kaiwei Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D, production, sales and application of industrial sealing system and robot foaming equipment. It is committed to providing professional foam sealing system, services and overall solutions for users such as manufacturing enterprises, system integrators, scientific research institutions, etc., to build an intelligent production system, and improve the advanced manufacturing capacity of enterprises. KAIWEI product quality has been unanimously recognized and highly praised by customers.

2. Pay attention to the technical strength and product configuration

1) Select companies with the strong technological innovation, good ability to transform innovation results into products, thorough understanding of equipment application and chemical glue processing. Only when glue, machine and gluing process are combined well,  it can produce the qualified and stable glued products.

2) Select the control system. The control system is like the heart of the equipment. Its function directly affects the accuracy of the equipment and the failure frequency in the later period. KAIWEI gluing equipment adopts the gluing operation system independently developed by KAIWEI. The mobile operation console adopts 12.1” industrial touch screen, wireless keyboard and mouse. It uses 6-axis motion control card. The system has a function of gluing path simulation-- the mixing head completes the gluing path according to the drawing without glue dispensing. This function can check whether the gluing path is accurate and correct the error before actual gluing workpiece.


3) Select the right model: according to the needs of your own products and product positioning, select the corresponding parameters of the foam sealing equipment. At present, in order to improve the competitiveness of products, many manufacturers adopt unreasonable ways to expand the product gluing range or increase the useless product functions to differentiate the competition. This is actually a very unscientific approach, which is likely to cause the mismatch between the use range of customers' equipment and the actual needs. The equipment will not work with the better performance and efficiency. It will waste the cost, increase the gluing error and the wear of the metering pump.  It will also affect the stability of the equipment.

3. Check the market share and reputation of the equipment in the industry.

The market is the only standard for testing products. The market share directly reflects the competitive ability and position of enterprises in the market. It is a very important index when investigate enterprises. A mature and stable product generally has a high market share in the market. At the same time, the manufacturer can also provide typical customers for on-the-spot investigation, to obtain a more real market use situation. At the same time, we can know the product coverage and industry popularity through the application of different industries and the brand image of users. It is also a very good reference standard to investigate the actual application effect of existing customers.



At present, KAIWEI has provided professional sealing solutions for many companies in automobile, electrical cabinet, air filter, air conditioning purification equipment, packaging, electronic components, lamps and new energy industries, saving labor and time costs for enterprises. It has won wide praise from customers at home and abroad. While selling well in China, our machines are also exports to Germany, United States, Italy, Vietnam, Chile, Russia, India, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America and other regions.

KAIWEI adheres to the enterprise tenet of "technology as the guide, talent as the foundation, quality as the life, reputation as the foundation". It takes the products of the world's leading companies as the benchmark, keeps on technological innovation, and strives to improve and perfect the company's quality and environmental management system. KAIWEI provides high-quality low-cost products for global middle and high-end customers, meets and exceed customer expectations, strives to become one of the more competitive enterprises in the sealing industry. Our goal is to build a global famous brand, and become the leader of industrial 4.0 core equipment.