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Explanation of intelligent wireless control of foaming machine

Explanation for intelligent wireless manual operation device of foaming machine

Today, I will explain to you how the buttons and knobs on the foaming machine's intelligent wireless manual operation device operate.

First,lets understand the buttons on the manual operation device, see the following figure:description of the manual operation device button 


First,Let's understand the buttons on the manual operation device, see the following figure:


1. Kaiwei Sealing foam Machine has an intelligent control system, it can be customized in Chinese, English and other languages. The workpiece size, drawing files and technical parameters can be stored in the system and can be directly called when used;

2. Using a six-axis motion control card, Glue control system independently developed by Kaiwei.

3. The system has the function of gluing path simulation: the mixing head can complete the glue path according to the drawing without spitting out glue.Before using the actual glued workpiece, check the accuracy of the glue path and correct the error

4. The system control adopts three-axis linkage, which can be used for plane glue (such as square, round and various shaped graphics), and can also be used for 3D glue application;

5.Graphic import function, when the processing track is more complicated, directly import CAD dxf file to process; No need to edit code programs, reducing the requirements for operators.