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KAIWEI participated in IMTEX 2020 industrial exhibition in Bangalore, India

IMTEX FORMING&TOOLTECH is an international large-scale industrial exhibition sponsored by IMTMA, which has a history of more than 40 years.


IMTEX FORMING&TOOLTECH is a large-scale international professional exhibition sponsored by IMTMA, which has a history of more than 40 years. The exhibition is one of the largest machine tool exhibitions in South and Southeast Asia. In recent years, due to the huge demand of machine tool market in India, the Indian machine tool association has decided to divide the exhibition into IMTEX-METALCUTTING &TOOLTECH and IMTEX-FORMING & TOOLTECH two major themes, one for each year instead of three years. The two themes are displayed separately every other year. The themes of odd years are IMTEX-METALCUTTING &TOOLTECH , and even years are MTEX-FORMING & TOOLTECH. The exhibition is one of the large-scale and influential professional exhibitions of machine tool industry in Southeast Asia.


The exhibition is divided into odd years and even years. Odd years are mainly for metal cutting machine and tools. Even years are mainly for forming machine and tools. There are two major themes and two major themes. India mainly relies on agents to sell machine tools and is responsible for the follow-up service and maintenance service of products. Most of the local Indian exhibitors of the exhibition are agents, which is also an excellent platform for Chinese enterprises to participate in India.


IMTEX is a machine tool manufacturer Association held, exhibiting once every two years, The exhibition is also a very important platform for enterprises to open the Indian market. IMTEX (in Bangalore India) attracted 800 exhibitors in the last exhibition, with 60000 merchants. The exhibition was held in Bangalore International Exhibition Center, India The exhibition area is 40000 square meters.


Shanghai Kaiwei Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in R & D and production of industrial sealing system and robot foaming equipment, which participated in IMTEX 2020 industrial exhibition in Bangalore, India. Our company has professional R & D institutions, perfect technical innovation mechanism, and provides automation electrical solutions for foreign well-known enterprises.


KAIWEI dispensing machine is suitable for very wide industrial fields-automobile, electrical cabinet, air filter, air conditioning purification equipment, packaging, electronic components, lamps, new energy, etc. We has provided professional sealing solutions for many domestic lighting companies, saving more labor and time costs.